Friday, April 22, 2011

Choosing a painter

Sometimes we are asked the question, "How do  I choose a good painter?  Why should I choose a licensed painting contractor?"   Here are some insights.
House painters are a dime- a- dozen.   When the economy is struggling, people try their hand at anything to  survive and make money.  The great thing about painting is that you can learn on the job.   Home owners can find a great deal of satisfaction in doing their own painting projects.   Doing painting projects yourself can save money if you are willing to put in the time.   Not every project needs a painting contractor.  There are some projects, however, when a licensed painting contractor is worth the money. If the it is big project or is a project 
 you don't know how to do, get a professional
Check out his references and qualifications before you invest financially.

Why Choose a Licensed Painting Contractor?
Most state tests require knowledge in the following areas.
  •  Reading and interpreting construction codes and regulations
  •  Health department regulations
  •  Appropriate building codes
  •  Trade materials, tools, equipment and methods 
  •  Surface preparation 
  •  Problems  and prevention
  •  Color
  •  Business management principles
  •  International Building Code and current state amendments
  •  Code of Federal Regulations or  OSHA
Choosing a licensed painting contractor is for your own protection.  With a licensed painting contractor, your projects are most likely to turn out right.   If there is a problem, the contractor will know to find resolutions. If there is a problem with the contractor's work, the state can investigate and take appropriate action.  How do you know if your painter is licensed?
  • Ask for license information
  • Check your State Department of Commerce and Licensing Division.
  • Ask if the license is issued under the contractor's name or the company's name.
  • Check your local Better Business Bureau.
This is only a summary of qualifications that licensed painting contractors have to know.   Always investigate about your painter before you make a financial commitment.   Get two or three bids to make sure you know the price is in the ball park; not too low or too high.

    Friday, April 8, 2011

    Every Project Is A Work of Art

    Our company's favorite saying is "Every project is a work art."   Our original company logo  a shows a painter holding an artist's palette with colors and a paint brush.  Our new logo  still shows the painter with an artist's pallet.  Every project we do is a work of art because we love to create beauty.  

    One dictionary defines art as "The conscious production
    or arrangement of. . . colors . . .  or other elements
     in a manner that affects the sense of beauty."

    For us painting is not just putting a medium on  four walls, a cabinet or a door.  We look at the whole project with an artistic eye for colors to match, compliment, or enhance the surroundings.   If the color you need does not exist, we create it on the job site.

    When choosing colors for your own projects, remember to choose colors that will contrast, compliment, and create the look you want.  Use the free decorating service of  quality paint stores, on-line articles, and libraries to help you create the look that expresses your personality.   

    Consider your needs when you look for a qualified painter
    Hiring a painter to paint rental unit  a standard color is different than hiring a painter who has experience with custom colors in a home.

    Here are some pointers to consider.  
    • Personal Qualifications
    • Experience
    • Reputation
    • References
    If you are  repainting a rental unit or a home
    that is being sold, you won't have the same decorating needs. You still will want warm neutral colors appeal to a prospective home buyer or renter.

    If you are painting your personal home or business,  choose colors that will enhance the area, a place where you will want to spend time.

    Friday, April 1, 2011

    The Favorite Blog of March

    We asked blog readers to let us know which blog article was their favorite.   "Preparing & Staining Wood Banisters"
    received the most reviews.   Thank you for letting us know that you enjoyed reading about staining your banister.