Monday, September 6, 2010

Renewing and Finishing Decks

Refinishing your deck with bring new life to the wood.  A new stain and sealant will revitalize the deck and preserve the wood.
  • Be sure to power wash the  off to loosen any dirt and immediately apply a brightner while the deck is still wet.   This will bring the wood back to a new wood look.  Be sure to follow the instructions on the can. Let the wood dry over night. 
  •  After the wood is dry apply a light sanding to remove any any rough edges.   
  • Then apply two coats of stain. Allow time for the stain to dry between coats.   The wood often absorbs the first coat because it is so dry.   
  • Then apply a clear sealant.    
Be sure to use quality products and not those from a discount store.   Discount products may save money at first , but you end up paying more  because you'll have to do the deck more often. 

 Check out the products we like to use on our website.  

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