Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Finish and Stain New Bare Wood Banisters

Today I received a call from an individual wanting to know how to  prepare and stain a brand new bare wood banister   These are the steps.

  • First lightly sand all surface areas with a medium coarse sponge sander.
  • Dust the sanding dust off and use a tac rag to wipe off an remaining dust. 
  • Apply a pre stain which can be purchased at Sherwin Williams, or Kwal Painting companies.  Each company is part of a national chain so they can be found in almost every state.
  • Stain an inconspicuous area to make sure that is the color you want.  If you have extra pieces or sample pieces of  wood from the banister, use those first.
  • Apply the oil stain color you want. With an oil base stain you have more to time to brush it  or rag it on evenly.   Brush it on and wipe of the excess.
  • Do not use a water base stain because it will cause the wood grain to raise.
  • Allow the oil base stain dry over night.  
  • Don’t  sand the banister after stain coat dries because that will remove the stain.
  • Apply a first finish coat of interior oil varnish-non-yellowing 
  • Allow it to dry 24 hours between coat.  
  • Lightly sand after the first coat of varnish with a fine sponge sander.  Use a tac rag to remove the sanding dust.  
  • Apply the last finish coat and let it dry.  

If you have questions, give us a call  
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