Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Exterior Painting

Now is the time to start your  exterior painting projects.  Here is a list of some projects.
  •  Decks 
    • Decks can be power washed, sanded, stained and sealed.
  • Exterior Doors & Casings
    •  Exterior doors and casings should be sanded to remove loose paint.
    • Prime with an exterior oil based primer 
    • Repair with Bondo spot filler where paint has broken away
    • Prime again over Bondo, making certain primer is dry before apply final coat of exterior latex of oil paint.
    • Sofit & Fascia 
      •  Power wash the surface. 
      • Repair or replace all loose boards
      •  Prime bare wood with an exterior oil primer (different surfaces require different preparations. Be sure to check with your quality paint store  or paint representative the preparation that is best for your surface.)
      •  Apply finish coat of exterior latex
    • Wood Fences
      •  Power wash to remove old stain and dirt  
      •  Allow fence to dry
      •  Apply one or two coats of latex stain
    •  Patio Furniture
      •  Sand and repair all surfaces
      •  If previously painted, treat it as though you were preparing an exterior door casing
      •  If stained, apply two coats of latex or oil stain.
      • Applying a sealer coat is optional.
    • Cement Drive and Walkways
      •  Painting, resurfacing, and sealing  cement should be done by a professional.
      • Wrought Iron Fences
        • Remove all rust
        • Prime rusted area with a rust inhibiter
        • Apply two coats  exterior oil paint
      If you have any questions concerning the products to use or how to apply them contact your quality paint store or call us.